Sigtuna Bicycle Lock Review

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Sigtuna Bicycle Lock

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If you want to secure your bike then you should opt for Sigtuna Lock. It is a solid ​bicycle lock that provides great security and is also quite affordable. This lock has all the amazing qualities that a lock should have from a 16mm durable body to a long and strong 1800mm flex cable. Moreover, it comes with safety keys and an anti-damageable disc cylinder.


​Bike theft is a common issue in the U.S. Tools like bolt cutters make it easier for thieves to break the lock in one go and steal the bike. The world produces 100 million bikes per year, which shows just how popular bikes are. They can be quite expensive as well, which is why the need to have better security is always there especially with theft being common in all countries, including the US.

If you own a bike, you should take steps to keep it secure. A bike is not there only to rest in your backyard. You will take it out on the road and park it in different places. This is where it can get stolen because thieves are everywhere and all they want is an unattended bike, and if a bike is without a lock then there’s nothing that can prevent it from being stolen. This is why you need ​something like Sigtuna.

It has an extra thickness of 2mm as the overall body of the lock has a 16mm shackle thickness. It’s a U-lock with a 143 mm x 116 mm dimension which is ideal to lock bikes to posts or other objects. U-locks are different from traditional locks and are said to provide better security without the hassle of carrying chains. While they are new on the market, they are already extremely popular due to how beneficial they are.

However, u-locks have their critics who often question the security such locks offer due to there being no chain. It is quite understandable why they have such questions. After all, the chain provides double security. So if you are looking for a u-lock with a chain as well, then look no further because this beauty has what you need. This lock comes with a hardened steel chain of 1800 mm. It won’t be wrong to say that this lock actually provides the security of two locks in one thanks to the double looped cable that you wire with the lock. With this lock protecting your bike, you will not have to worry about anything. Plus, it comes with some other amazing features as well, all of which are discussed below. Let’s get to know Sigtuna better:

Who is This Lock for?

​If you live in a neighborhood where safety is questionable then this product is for you as it is made for moderate to high crime areas. Due to high-grade durability of the lock, bike owners can have peace of mind and park their bikes anywhere they like. This is because the combination of the steel lock and the steel cable doubles the security. Plus, the strong cylinder makes sure that nothing can be drilled into, be picked or get broken.

The fact that bike owners with this lock are extra confident is because even if somehow, with a miracle, the lock is tampered or broken, it still keeps the bike safe. How? There’s a double bolt locking system and both must be broken in order for the lock to be completely useless, which is obviously not an easy feat to achieve. You should get your hands on this even if your neighborhood is safe. This is because you will anyway have to ride your bike out of your own safety zone someday, and this is when the lock can come in handy.

What’s Included out of the Box?

​When you buy the lock, you get the ​tool, 1800mm double looped cable, 2 specialized safety keys and a single-button release mountain bracket.

Features Overview:

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​Double Security: In this era of advanced tools, a single lock isn’t enough to secure a bike when parked. With the Sigtuna lock, you also get an 1800 flex cable that is double looped. The extra length and flexibility of the cable make it possible to secure multiple parts of the bike such as the frame and the wheels together. This increases the security factor and makes it daunting for thieves to tamper with the bike. Moreover, this also lets you park two bikes without any difficulty.

Double Dead Bolt Design: The lock has a double bolt system which locks it from both ends, making it extra durable.

Dust Cover: Another amazing thing about this lock is its capability to keep the lock from accumulating rust or getting damaged by other outside elements such as stones, dust, dirt, water, and other kinds of debris, thanks to the presence of a dust cover. This keeps the lock in good shape at all times.

Resilient: The disc cylinder is resistant to picking, pulling, prying, and all kinds of leverage and sawing attacks. This is one great feature that puts this lock quite ahead in the race of being one of the most durable locks.

Easy to Carry: At 3.5 pounds, the lock is heavier than most locks out there, but it is quite understandable why. The added weight is due to the chain, however, the weight will not burden you as the lock comes with an amount that can be used to carry the lock without any trouble.

Money-Back Guarantee: How do you check the quality of a lock? You see how much confidence the makers have in their own product, which is evident here as the company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

What ​We Like

  • ​Vinyl coating on the cable gives it a soft feel but is highly durable and can prevent well against tampering.
  • ​The dust cover on the keyhole prolongs the life of the lock by preventing particles, dirt, debris and water from damaging the keyhole.
  • ​It’s a heavy duty lock thanks to the 16mm hard steel shackle. The cherry on top is the 1800 mm flex cable that doubles the security.
  • thumbs-up​Extremely difficult to break, drill, pull, pry or even pick due to the double lock system.

What ​We Don’t Like

  • ​Quite Heavy.
  • ​Might leave a few scratches on the bike.


​The Sigtuna Lock is an excellent choice for you if you love your bike and want to keep it safe.

This lock has all the amazing qualities that a lock should have from a 16mm durable body to a long and strong 1800mm flex cable. Moreover, it comes with safety keys and an anti-damageable disc cylinder.


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