Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

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    Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

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    For a quite a long period, many riders have always opted for a bike with variable gear options, but that changed with the launch of the single speed Takara Kabuto.

    The Takara brand has introduced its new Kabuto Single Speed Road bike as the flagship of their single speed road bike line.

    Like a majority of the single speed bikes, the Takara Kabuto is flush with a variety of features and riders appreciate the bike for its utmost simplicity and durability.

    Though Takara is relatively new in the bike manufacturing domain and few people have heard of it, it produces different types of bikes, and in the line of speed bikes, Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road bike beats many bike models on the market.

    The Kabuto is a roadster that is best used as a commuter bike as it is intended for long-term road use. Feel free to check more budget road bike here in this article.

    First Impressions

    The Takara Kabuto screams of attention, thanks to the aesthetic design inundated with a striking green and yellow paint.

    The handles on the Kabuto are intricately done so that you end up with a stylish design that looks both sleek and elegant.

    We like the flip flop hub that allowed us to interchange between using the bike as a fixed gear bike or to run it in a standard freewheel single speed mode.

    The final design aspect that we love is the handcrafted frame, which is built to withstand both the pressures from the user as well as the pressures that come with roads that are in a less favorable condition.

    Who is This Road Bike for?

    As we had mentioned earlier, single speed bikes are ideal as commuter bikes, and the Takara Kabuto is no exception.

    This roadster is meant for casual riders and everyday commuters.

    With the pressures of the city life throwing a jab at you, particularly the constant traffic, the Takara Kabuto will provide the reprieve you need to maneuver through the jammed traffic.

    With this model, there is no need to get disappointed about the long lines of traffic, the disappointment of getting to work late, cost of fuel or enduring hours of exhaust fumes while waiting to get your day gong.

    A perfect entry-level bike for the beginners and intermediate cyclists looking for a two-wheel ride, riding the Kabuto doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a hardcore cycling athlete. Takara Kabuto is built for those looking or a simple, easy and straightforward way of getting to and from your destination on time and in a comfortable mode.

    Takara Kabuto Features

    Solid Frame

    The Takara Kabuto is a unique single speed roadie that comes in two frame sizes; 54 and 57 cm.

    The frame on the Takara is built heavy form duty welded steel and fork.

    Anyone who has a steel frame bike can tell you how reliable and long lasting they are. The steel frame is outrightly durable and robust, and for the price you are getting the Takara Kabuto, it is guaranteed to outlast other similar make bikes of different bikes.

    With the steel frame construction, however many users have been resentful to the fact that the bike is quite heavy. Weighing at 37 pounds, the Takara is not the lightest bike out there.

    While the bike might be quite a turn-off, it is one of the contributing factors as to why the Kabuto is such a reliable and durable product.

    Again, when compared to other steel frame bikes within its class, the Takara is relatively lightweight.

    Why?To help compensate for the weight, Takara has used plenty of alloy materials in a majority of the parts on the bike. The alloy construction not only renders the bike ultra-strong, but it helps to cut on the weight.


    The drivetrain on the Takara Kabuto reminded me a lot of my BMX my father bought me when I was a kid.

    Besides the striking design, another feature that makes the Takara Kabuto road bike stand out is its “flip flop” hub addition.

    The flip flop system allows you to switch between a single speed and freewheeling with a simple flip of a single handle that is mounted onto the rear hub.

    With this system, you can easily switch from a fixed gear mode to a standard, freewheel single speed mode.

    The flip flop system is an awesome feature, and a major selling point, particularly to the everyday riders who do not need a derailleur. More importantly, the addition of this system eliminates the struggle that comes with using complex adjustments while you are cycling.

    I like the fact that the flip flop hub design is not complicated at all and it will provide you with a comfortable ride as you cycle through to your destination.

    From what I observed while using the Takara drivetrain is that it picks ups speed, pretty fast. With a little nudge of force, you’ll soon be accelerating faster than other road bikes out there. The good news is you don’t have to worry about losing yourself out in the process, thanks to the nice handling that will allow you to remain in control 100% every time.


    Now, when we say the Takara Kabuto is smooth, it is.

    Featuring 32-hole alloy wheels alongside 700c Kenda tires, the Kabuto wheelset will add to the strength and comfort you need for the ride.

    The wide profile yellow 700c * 32 Kenda tires will add a bit of style and accent to the mostly black profile. More importantly, they are excellent at withstanding the less than ideal road conditions and will provide you with the right amount of traction necessary to make your trip enjoyable.

    Braking System

    Takara Kabuto comes with a front, and rear alloy side pull brakes that will provide you with full control over the bike.

    With these pull brakes, you will no longer have to worry about the unforeseen obstacles as you can bring the bike to a complete stop in a moment’s notice.

    What We Like

    • ​Smooth riding
    • ​Single speed
    • ​Uncomplicated handling
    • ​Fast
    • ​Durable and long-lasting

    What We Don’t Like

    • ​A tad heavy

    Conclusion: Should I go for the Takara Kabuto Road Bike?

    Takara understands that as a commuter bike, the Kabuto will have to withstand less than ideal road conditions in addition to providing long-distance comfort and longevity.

    What I like most about this particular bike lies on its design, simplicity, and construction. Rather than having a lightweight and cheap aluminum frame, the Kabuto comes with a sturdy tig-welded steel frame for a bike that can handle more abuse that city roads and side streets often provide.

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