Vilano 21 Speed Road Bike Review

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    Vilano 21 Speed Road Bike Review

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    ​Vilano 21 ​is ranked No 1 in our best budget cheap road bike post here and this is our full review of this item.

    A popular bike option by Vilano, the Aluminum 21 speed Shimano bike is a frequently purchased bike for entry level riders as well as those on a budget looking for something decent for fitness, leisure riding, commuting and other types of riding.

    Vilano describes this bike as an entry level bike for the novices, but when you look at the specifications, and more so when you give it a try on the road, you can’t see where they are coming from.

    Why is that so?

    For starters, the Vilano 21 sports almost everything that a $1,000 bike would have-and more. Secondly, Vilano has done a pretty decent job of fitting this awesome bike with premium components.

    Though it is designed with the novice rider in mind, Vilano is perfectly capable of satisfying experienced riders.

    A major highlight to this bike lies on its lightness; Vilano, complete with free pedals, and a 6060 double-butted aluminum frame is the lightest in its class.

    But don’t let the lightness of this bike deceive you; the bike is robust and will not skimp on performance.

    Who is Vilano 21 Road Bike for?

    The Vilano Aluminum Road bike is every novice cyclist dream of a daily comfortable ride.

    Lightweight, pragmatic and comfortable, the Vilano is made specifically for the novice cyclist and the everyday rider.

    Vilano works wonders for daily routes and is ideal for riders who are on a budget and rely on two wheels on their daily commute.

    Designed with the urban rider in mind and all of the different environment and use they will find to ride in, Vilano 21 speeds is a bike you can rely on to take you from one point to the other, hassle-free.

    Vilano 21 speed Shimano is a brilliant bike for use on your commute to work, perfect for those looking to keep fit and healthy, and finally, an awesome option for those looking for a bit of fun too.

    Though it features a “basic” construction and design, I have, over the years grown to the opinion that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and best when it comes to road bikes. This simple road bike is reliable and lightweight too.

    What is Included?

    If you are anything like me, I have little to no patience in assembling complex bikes. As much as possible, I’m always looking or a bike that won’t take more than 20 minutes to assemble.

    With the Vilano 21 Speed Shimano bike, you get a fuss-free and easy assembly.

    Out of the box, the bike comes with a frame, a complete wheelset, chain and before I forget, the Vilano package comes alongside free pedals to get you riding right away.

    Assembling the bike is easy, intuitive and fast.

    Better yet, the Vilano package comes with an easy to read and follow manual with step by step instructions of assembling the bike.

    ​Features/ Specs Overview of the Vilano 21 Speed Road Bike:​

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    1) ​A major highlight to this bike is that it has a frame weighing in at just 24 pounds.

    Now, if you have the pleasure of testing bikes as I do, you know that with a 24-pound bike is the lightest you can ever get.

    With such lightness, the Vilano Aluminum road bike is a breeze to maneuver in sidewalks, pathways, roadways and even hills.

    Moreover, carrying it around or bringing it to storage will be no sweat at all.

    ​2) At the height of its performance, the Vilano road bike sports a 21 gear set.

    The gear set, when paired with Shimano A050 thumb rear indexed 7-speed and front friction 3-speed shifters make the bike extremely adjustable and adaptive to the environment you’re cycling.

    So, whether you’re riding uphill, through rough and rugged terrain or a smoother road, your ride will be far from restricted.

    ​3) Sporting a threadless 1 1/8″ fork constructed from Hi-Ten Steel, the Vilano road bike can handle anything you throw at it, and it can take a lot more abuse than lesser quality alloy.

    ​More importantly, the sturdy fork will absorb any shock, ensure you have a comfortable ride and complete control over your bike.

    ​4) Traditionally, aluminum bikes tend to be a tad expensive. This is because aluminum has desirable properties such as strength and lightness.

    Contrary to what you would expect with a typical aluminum bike, the Vilano road bike is quite affordable and by all means, is seen as a budget option.

    ​5) A powerful high-speed bike similarly needs to have tough and quality brakes. The Vilano road bike employs alloy caliper breaks which make the Vilano’s braking system highly efficient, even at top speeds.

    With this braking system in place, you can come to a halt in a moment notice and more importantly, you’ll always feel safe and unlikely to cause an accident.

    ​6) The wheel on the Vilano road bike is not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are pragmatic.

    The 700c Double walled alloy wheels alongside 700c * 25c tires are strong and durable. The wheel rims are rust free and can be left out in the open without compromising on their integrity.

    Better yet, the wheelset remains steadfast and intact even at high speed and will allow you to cover hundreds of miles before needing replacement.

    ​7) Vilano is synonymous with versatility. For starters, the bike comes in 3 different sizes, hence able to accommodate even the larger and more varied client base.

    As if that is not enough, the bike is further available in 4 different colors, with all the color schemes bearing a sharp and neat look.

    What We Like

    • ​Easy to assemble
    • ​Good range of speeds for different riding conditions
    • ​Smooth gear shifting courtesy of the Shimano derailleurs and drivetrain
    • ​Centrally located shifter knobs for trouble-free gear shifting
    • ​Presence of water bottle holders

    What We Don’t Like

    • ​The brakes feel a tad harder
    • ​The saddle is quite narrow and might require an extra padding


    ​The Vilano 21 speed Shimano is an impressive everyday road bike that we would highly recommend for both the novice and intermediate cyclists.

    With this bike, you get more than enough features for a comfortable, easy and fun ride at an affordable price.

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