Where to Put U Lock on Bike While Riding – 4 Solid Ideas

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Crime and theft are a massive problem in just about every country globally. And while we can do all we can to protect our belongings, it seems that for criminals, there is little that will stop them. For those who use bicycles to get around, one of the essential things you will need to buy is a good-quality bike lock to secure your bicycle when it is not in use. But what type of bike lock is best? Read on to learn where to put u lock on bike while riding.

Bike Locks: Necessity vs. Practicality

Bike locks have become a necessity. A great way to make sure that your bike will be in the same place you left it when you return from class or run an errand is to choose from many available bike locks.

The most popular bike locks are:

Chain locks

These are chains in a rubber or plastic coating used to chain your bike to a rack, post, or pole. The chain is locked together with either a lock or a combination bit.


Aptly named for its shape, a U-Lock is made from extremely robust materials that cannot be cut using bolt cutters.

Cable locks

Like chain locks, cable locks are made from a rubber or plastic pipe held together with a lock or combination.

Folding locks

A folding lock operates much like a chain or cable lock and can be folded up when not used.

Why you Should buy a U-Lock

The U-Lock, also called a D-Lock by some, is known for its practical design and excellent safety features. Some more benefits of a U-lock include:

  • Resistant to the force of bolt-cutters
  • Cannot be picked or broken apart
  • Available at any hardware or outlet store across the country
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than most other types of locks (chain, cable, and folding locks.)

There are a few drawbacks to the U-Lock.

  • Shape and design restrict the locking of your bike to oddly-shaped structures
  • It can be rather bulky and difficult to store when not in use
  • It needs to have a snug fit to safely secure your bike to bike racks, poles, and more

Where to Put U Lock on Bike While Riding

The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Your Bike Lock

There are so many possibilities of clever places to store your bike lock safely while you are not using it. From special pouches that clip to your saddle to the triangle of your bicycle frame, keeping your bike lock safely out of the way is essential.

Depending on the type of lock you use, there are several accessories you can buy to clip onto your bicycle to store everything from keys and money to bike locks.

A few popular options are:

#1: A saddlebag

Saddlebags are a fantastic add-on you can buy from any sports accessory store or any major online retailer. Saddlebags have a Velcro strap that connects to the bar under your bicycle seat and comes in various sizes for your storage needs. Cable, chain, and U-locks can all be safely stored in a saddlebag when not in use.

#2: A pannier

A pannier is a frame that’s mounted above the rear wheel of your bicycle. Handy for lashing bags and other accessories, a pannier is a great place to store your bike lock when you are riding your bicycle. Wind it around the pannier and lock it in place, or hook it onto the pannier. Ensure that the lock is not so long that it touches the rear wheel. This can cause an accident.

#3: A basket

If you use your bicycle for running errands on the weekend, it might be worth investing in a basket that mounts onto the handlebars of your bicycle. Use it to carry fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more; pop your bike lock in the basket for the ride home or your next destination.

#4: A trusty backpack

Backpacks are great to use while cycling and can hold various goods. Pop your lock in your backpack before you ride. This keeps it in a safe and easy-to-find place for when you need to lock your bike up again.

There are, of course, other methods of storing your bike lock, like securing it to the frame of your bicycle or onto the bar under the seat of your bicycle. U-locks are great for this purpose and can be safely stored out of the way while you continue with your day.

Bicycle U- lock on the ground beside mtb tire

How to Choose a Bike Lock: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a bike lock need not be a hassle if you follow our handy tips. There are things to think about when choosing the best lock to keep your bike safe while you are in class, running errands, or if you use it to get to work.

How to choose a bicycle lock:

Consider the size, bulkiness, and weight of the lock

While a thicker lock might seem safer, it will be harder to store when riding your bicycle. Choose a lock that is lightweight yet robust.

Keep in mind where you will be parking your bicycle

If you are lucky enough to use a bicycle rack to lock your bike up, you can choose just about any lock. Remember to choose a lock that can withstand bolt cutters.

Read reviews of the various locks available for purchase

If you are looking for a bicycle lock that comes highly recommended, read the review section on an online retailer’s website to see how other customers have rated a specific product. The higher the customer rating, the better the overall quality of that product. Take note of the negative reviews and keep these in mind when choosing a bicycle lock.

The brand

Some brands have better ratings than others. While there is nothing wrong with “no-name” brand bicycle locks, brands are popular for a reason: they produce quality goods time and again. Choose a lock from a brand you know and trust.


Crime is a global problem, and we have a responsibility to do all that we can to safeguard our possessions. For those who use bicycles to get around, buying a bicycle lock is considered a necessity. Storing your lock safely out of the way while riding your bicycle is key to preventing the lock from going missing or even damaging your bicycle.

To safely store your U-lock, cable or chain locks, and even foldable bicycle locks, you can follow our handy tips and read our buyer’s guide on choosing the best bicycle lock.

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