The 3 Best Women’s Fat Tire Bikes

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    Looking for women’s fat tire bikes? Here are 3 of the best you should know about!

    Fat tire bikes, or fat bikes, are quickly gaining popularity for their versatility. With the wide tires, these bikes can tackle many terrains that classic bikes cannot. This feature is especially crucial for fitness enthusiasts who live in areas with snow or soft ground like sand or loose gravel.

    These bikes are in a category all their own, and anyone can enjoy riding throughout the year when using a fat tire bike. So let’s look at what makes them unique and the best womens fat tire bike options available.

    The Benefits of a Fat Tire Bike

    The benefits of a fat tire bike are numerous. If you are a newbie to the fat bike scene, you may be quickly fascinated with these alternative bikes.

    They Can Handle Soft and Unstable Terrain Better

    For obvious reasons, a fat tire bike can handle soft terrain such as snow or sand better than a traditional bike. The tires can range between four to five inches wide, making them exceptional at handling soft or unstable terrain that your mountain bike can’t.

    The fat bike tires should have lower air pressure than traditional bikes, which helps to float across slippery or soft surfaces. They will also grip significantly better than tires that are only two inches wide.

    It’s a Harder Workout

    Because a fat tire bike is heavier and has larger tires, you can expect a more challenging workout any time you take one out for a spin. In addition, these bikes do not turn easily and are not ideal for speedy rides through the city.

    The lower pressure in the tires requires more exertion from the rider, helping you burn more calories sooner than a traditional bike.

    The Three Best Women’s Fat Tire Bikes

    You may not know this, but you cannot add fat tires to just any regular bike, so you must find a women’s fat tire bike to suit your needs and budget. To make your selection easier, here are the best women’s fat tire bikes available today.

    Comparison Chart

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    GeoFan Women’s Electric Fat Tire Bike
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    Framed – Minnesota Women’s 26”
    Mongoose – Argus ST – 26”

    Best Women’s Electric Fat Tire Bike: GeoFan Women’s Electric Fat Tire Bike

    61b2Sl44RQL. AC SL1001

    For that added security when traveling long distances or if you need a pedal-assist when climbing uphill, this GeoFan Women’s Electric Fat Tire Bike is ideal. The tires come in 24” or 26” sizes, making it easier to customize them to your size.

    GeoFan’s aluminum alloy frame makes this fat tire bike durable but lightweight. A bike that is too heavy can make the rider unstable when going over unlevel ground. This model is suitable for women between 5’3” up to 6’4” in height.

    This fat bike for women comes in six different colors, so there is sure to be one you love.

    Best Women’s Fat Bike for Durability: Framed – Minnesota Women’s 26”

    framed minnesota fat bike wmns pink 21 1

    Framed is a well-known name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in bikes. Their Minnesota Women’s 26” fat tire bike is everything you could want in a versatile bike to take you on any adventure.

    The geometry of the Minnesota allows extra movement for women who may be wearing bulky clothing due to weather conditions. This feature is exceptionally beneficial for anyone taking a spin during those colder winter months. It does arrange the rider’s weight over the center of the rear for better stability.

    This women’s fat bike only comes in one color, so if you are not partial to pink, you may want other options from Framed.

    Best Overall Women’s Fat Bike: Mongoose – Argus ST – 26”

    Mongoose offers a terrific fat bike option for women with 26” tires that are four inches wide. The brand includes options for optimal riding experiences, from fat bikes to BMX and urban requirements. Their products are exceptional for handling and stability no matter what the situation.

    The steel frame construction is not as light as carbon material frames from other models, but the durability is remarkable enough to take across different terrains. From snow to sand, the Mongoose Argus ST is a fat tire bike that delivers.

    Riders ranging from 5’ to 6’ tall will be pretty comfortable with this Mongoose Argus ST model. This seven-speed fat bike is terrific for stability control up and downhill during various seasons. In addition, the frame alignment uses a natural design for your body to minimize stress during long rides.

    How to Select the Best Women’s Fat Tire Bike

    As with any exercise equipment, you want to make the right decision to avoid injury. Because of the construction of these niche bikes, women will want to use these elements to choose a model that will suit their needs best. Be sure this reference when shopping for a women’s fat tire bike:

    • The frame size should fit your body correctly
    • The entire fat bike should not be too heavy for you
    • The bike should have ample axle spacing for the wide tires
    • Some models come with suspension, while others do not
    • Some riders prefer the advantage in some models to change tire sizes for different seasons
    • The gear and drivetrain type can be specific for alternate terrains
    • There are electric versions of fat bikes in the market for longer distances and pedal-assist options, but they come with a higher price tag
    • Many women may have difficulty navigating a fat bike with tires larger than 26” due to their smaller size

    Keeping these elements in mind when looking at a women’s fat bike will make a choice easier.

    The Takeaway

    Fat bikes options can help riders remain active during the winter months or through rough or hard-to-navigate terrain. The unique exceptionally wide wheels grip better for increased stability. Some models with the addition of suspension can help make for a smoother ride overall.

    When shopping for the best women’s fat tire bike, making sure the frame and tire size are suitable for your height can make all the difference in how comfortable the ride can be. Once you try a fat tire bike, it opens up a world of adventures to experience.

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