Best Women’s Spin Shoes

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Are you looking for a good and reliable spinning sneakers for ​female?

If yes, I am going to cover exactly what my partner ​Linda has been using. She will also take you through some of her personal favorite women’s indoor cycling shoes. Ready?

Let’s dive in:


A sign you’re really serious about cycling is when you start looking into buying your first pair of Indoor cycling spin shoes.

When it comes to choosing the right pair of women’s spin shoes, there’s a range of options from the best sports gear brands.

Selecting the right indoor cycling shoes that fits within your price bracket and spin cycling needs can be daunting.

Most indoor cycling shoes will set you back $160-$80 plus shipping, but you do get value for money with the level of quality of these spin shoes.

Excited yet? Get spin class ready with all these great women’s spin shoes. Let’s help you find the pair most suitable to your needs.

We’ve listed a few of the best indoor cycling shoes for women in the market right now, and each pair comes with its own merits, so consider all the factors before making that purchase. Here are the top spin shoes worth looking into:

​The ​Best ​Women’s ​​Spin ​Shoes: Reviews

1. ​Tommaso Terra 100 ​Women’s Cycling Shoe

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​The Tommaso Terra 100 is a women’s cycling spin shoe that does more than it says on its label.

It is one of the best performance shoes that is compatible with various types of cycling applications such as mountain trails, indoor tracks, street and road cycling, and even your spin classes.

If you are looking for a truly versatile cycling shoe on the market, then maybe it’s time you take a look at the Tommaso Terra, and all its exceptional varieties.

The Tommaso Terra 100 fares exceptionally well in multiple applications. It’s made of strong polyamide reinforced with fiberglass that’s built to last.

The lugged rubberized sole is built for maximum comfort and durability.


  • ​These shoes are a great fit even if you have wide feet.
  • ​The build quality is excellent. Notably, the fiberglass-reinforced sole maximizes power transfer.
  • ​Price to value ratio is remarkably great!
  • ​Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • ​Easy to use.


  • ​They are not the best walking shoes out there.
  • ​They run big so you really have to order a size higher.
  • ​You have to purchase the SPD cleat separately.

2. Giro Techne Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe For Women

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​Fire up your feet with Giro Techne Cycling shoes for women. This indoor cycling shoe has a smooth synthetic upper, 3 hook-and-loop strap closure, die-cut insoles on the footbed and mesh panels for breath ability.

These Giro Techne Spinning Cycling shoes for women make spinning so much easier, and you never lose pedal traction once your spinning workout becomes intense.

If you spin cycle three times a week on average, you’ll definitely need the adequate sole support Giro Techne can offer.


  • ​Strong sole built for aggressive riding.
  • ​Best & easy to put on and take off .
  • ​For : Women
  • ​The Giro Techne Cycling shoes has outsoles that allows you to mount SPD and SPD SLE style fleets.


  • ​Shoe tongue is quite long and causes friction on the ankle. Adjusting to a bigger size might help.
  • ​They do not come with cleats. Compatible with SPD and Look cleats.

3. Fizik R5B Donna Bike Spinning Shoe

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​Step up your workout to the next level with the Fizik R5B Donna, stylish and subdued cycling spinning shoes.

It has a carbon-reinforced nylon outsole, and its upper is made from a very durable laser-perforated Microtex breathable mesh which is lighter than leather.

Don’t expect laces with the Fizik R5b Donna, as it uses the versatile BOA IP1 closure system that comes in 3 knob modes- tighten, loosen and complete release (which perfect if you’re in power mid-spin and need to adjust and tighten your wire closure).

You also don’t need to worry about moisture or sweat as the Fizik R5B Donna handles wet conditions very well.

As an added feature, being a multisport shoe, it has a reflective heel-cap to keep you visible on the road.


  • ​These shoes are a great fit even if you have wide feet. This cycling shoe is designed with a neutral fit that welcomes most foot shapes.
  • ​​Well-crafted, good shoe build. Tough enough for any spinning activity.
  • ​ It won’t slip or side off your feet, the closure tech makes sure of that.
  • ​Easy to use.


  • ​Sturdy and stiff as most spinning shoes go, so it takes quite awhile to break in.
  • ​The Fizik R5B Donna is SPD-SL compatible. You can use SPD clips on the Fizik R5B Donna, but the clips will not recess into the shoe when you walk around.

​4. ​Tiem Slipstream Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe

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​Stay light on your feet with the Tiem Slipstream cycling spin shoe, also known for its sleek and modern sneaker design. They may look like cool street kicks, but really it’s a robust cycling shoe- a good combination of form and function.

Some indoor cyclists though have sizing problems with the Tiem, so make sure you adjust for a bit of space.

Also remember before your spinning shoes can fit snugly, you have to break them enough to be comfortable.

By default, spin shoes are suppose to be stiff, it’s the material their made with, they are built to be hard and sturdy.

Eventually, over time they will adjust to your fit and foot type. Yes, you have to break the Tiem Slipstream in, use them often as you can and soon they will feel like second skin.

However, the Tiem Slipstream is comfy enough for your feet. It is the original slip-on and stylish single-strap spin shoe, available in a variety of colors to compliment your work out gear.

Its recessed SPD cleat feature and rubber outsole allow for mobility around the studio when you get off the bike.


  • ​Its recessed SPD cleat feature is a win. Easy to get around for breaks in the spin studio while off the bike.
  • ​Provides good foot grip control for high-performance pedal action.
  • ​Great for frequent and high-intensity spin classes.
  • ​Support the arches well & easy to use.


  • ​They run big so you have to order a size higher. Remember these are spinning shoes, you have to get the fit right, if you want that snug-feeling on your feet.
  • ​Cleats sold separately.

​5. ​SHIMANO SH-IC300 Confidence Inspiring Indoor Cycling Shoe

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Crush it on your next spin class with the Shimano SHIMANO SH-IC300 Confidence Inspiring Indoor Cycling Shoe.

​Made specifically for women, ​the upper body of this shoe is made of  fabric-and-leather, a 3D breathable mesh for optimal ventilation with an amazing light weight glass fiber reinforced nylon base and an adaptable Cup insole.

The Shimano SH-IC300 is also SPD-SL and SPD cleat compatible.

The Shimano SH-IC300 is one of the best starter shoe for indoor cycling women.

These cycling shoes make spinning so much easier, and as you gain power, you’ll never lose pedal traction.

No slips here because the strong synthetic upper is a snug and secure fit.

Plus plenty of cushion around the collar and a padded cushion insole to prevent any injury to the foot.


  • ​The upper mesh makes it resistant to odor often cause by fungus and bacteria.
  • ​The front part of the shoe has a wide toe-box that allows for more foot space. You can fan out your toes if you want.
  • ​Improved and impressive Velcro closure system. ! ( best in my opinion )


  • ​Shoe tongue is cut a tad high, and can feel annoying during high-intensity cycling.
  • ​Size issues. If it’s too tight order a size higher. You need the shoe to fit you right, and not restrict your movements.
  • ​SPD-SL and SPD cleat compatibility.

6. Pearl Izumi Select Road V5 Studio

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You can rock this shoe on your next spin cycle schedule. If you want a shoe that’s flexible and a light tread, the Pearl Izumi Select Road V5 Studio is the real deal for women.

The Pearl Izumi is a cycling shoe created to perform in hot, humid conditions such as hot indoor cycling spaces.

So don’t be afraid to go all out and break a sweat while wearing these spin shoes.

If you spin cycle three times a week on average then you need adequate support, the womens Pearl Izumi Select Road V5 Studio can give you plenty stability for all those sudden high-intensity moves.

The Pearl Izumi Select Road V5 Studio has odor resistant capabilities, its upper is made with an anti-microbial mesh, a PE sockliner with Silvadur which is used as a top sheet material.

Silvadur is a fabric layer coating that provides freshness and protection against all types of bacteria.

Before you slide your foot in there, you may also notice a synthetic leather collar lining and closed cell foam padding in the insole, this helps manage sweat and water as you power pedal on your bike.

Truth is, the Pearl Izumi Select Road V5 Studio is made to withstand tough rounds of indoor cycling for women.


  • ​High-quality, comfortable spin shoe
  • ​Best Hygienic odor-control mesh, prevents foot funk
  • ​Tough and stable sole keeps you supported while cycling.



  • ​Spin shoe’s tongue gets displaced while cycling.
  • ​Sizes run small, not fit true to size.
  • ​No SPD cleats, but them separately.

7. Tiebao Outdoor Triathlon Cycling Shoes

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​With the aim for providing durability and fit, tiebao has solid cycling spin shoes that also fit for budget oriented people.These women spin shoe is going to be a wise investment if you’re looking something just in a decent budget range ( under 100$) and still want to perform best.Keep in mind, you can fine tune with three velcro straps that would provide more security.​Also, fiber glass composite sole will make sure you won’t lose watts and keep your concentration on spinning.

These spinning shoes are compatibile with delta, road, and mtb pedals as well.

Made for women, this model is going to be your affordable spin bike shoe partner.


  • ​High-quality, comfortable spin shoe
  • ​Budget-Friendly
  • ​Specifically designed for women


  • ​No Cleats

But What Exactly is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling, popularly known as Spinning, is not just bike slang, but a trademarked name of the indoor company who made this high-intensity activity famous.

Indoor cycling facilities have been popping up everywhere; they are as common as the local gym or coffee shop.

So you can bet a lot of your friends are into the indoor cycling action as well.

Now about cycling foot gear, previously a lot of indoor cyclists opted to use their own regular athletic shoes, which had the tops of these shoes pushed inside toe cages which are attached to the bike pedals.

Initially, you may opt to rent out the cycling facilities shoes, the ones with plastic cleats screwed onto the soles that lock into the pedals.

But eventually you’d realize the real convenience of owning your own pair is that you don’t have to share shoe sweat and foot smells with someone else.

Investing in a good pair of spinning shoes is quite a bargain really; you get a sturdy pair of indoor cycling shoes that will last you for years.

How to Choose The Perfect ​Ladies ​& Women Spinning Shoes​

Wearing the right & best spin shoes is crucial in getting comfortable during high-performance indoor cycling, specially if you’re a women.

Contrary to what the avid spinner might think, there’s a strong science behind spin shoes which can enhance biker performance and efficiently maximizing power transfer.

Take note where the energy transfer all comes together when you’re out cycling, it’s primarily where the pedal-foot connects, here all the muscles of your legs and feet are activated, and notice how the powerhouse intensity of your lower body propels your bike forward.

And when you’re in the zone, you would want to sustain that momentum for as long as possible, but in order to endure all that, you need good dependable spin shoes.

In fact, there’s quite a loss of power transfer when you’re wearing poorly built shoes.

The spin shoes you use should be able to cope up with your speed and the demands of your specific sport.

Buying the best right pair of a good spinning shoes for women is a deal breaker when it comes on your foot health and bike performance.

Yes, they are more expensive than your average athletic shoe because they are quite targeted to specifically fit your bike activity and cushion your foot from damage or injury.

Also consider the fact if you don’t buy a personal pair, you’d resort to renting or borrowing shoes which is not exactly hygienic – who wants free fungal foot stank anyway?

No, do the decent thing for your feet and buy a pair of best spinning shoes for women that fit snugly, protect your toe bones and ankles, and suits your level of intensity training. You’ll thank yourself for it!

Finding the right ​spinning shoes requires checking out a few of the very important basics:

What is the pedal system of your indoor cycling bike?

Fact #1 The Shimano SPD cleats are completely compatible with Spinner brand bikes.

Some Spinner bikes though may come furnished with dual-sided TRIO pedals, which makes them sync seamlessly with both SPD cleats and LOOK Delta cleats.

The great thing here is that you have options on the SPD interface.

Check the spinning shoe for the number of outer sole attachment holes.

Also if its recessed-type, also before buying check if it’s Shimano SPD-compatible.

Fact #2 Make spinning shoe and pedal cleat compatibility a priority. You need a cleat on your bike’s pedals so your cycling shoe will properly attach.

Most pedals and cleats come with adaptors. If you’re not sure consult with your local specialty bike store or with bike enthusiasts about the kind of cleats you need for your bike pedal.

Things to Look for When Buying Spin Shoes

The right cycling shoe creates a better and versatile connection to the bike, so take your time shopping, compare prices and features.

A good competitive pair of best spin shoes for women should have the following features:

  • ​Strong and best sturdy material that’s durable for indoor spinning and cycling.
  • Good sizing and well-cushioned comfortable insoles.
  • Snug and adjustable closures for injury prevention.
  • Functional shoe design with sole attachments.
  • Appealing style and color options.
  • Made only for women to support and give strength.

​Cycling Shoes ​vs Spinning Shoes : Which One To Pick?

When it comes to spinning shoes for women, it’s perfectly fine to wear your favorite outdoor cycling shoes. But, after using 20+ pairs of sneakers, I find that some shoes that work well outside, not good for inside. I mean, you might feel too hot and sweaty.

Usually, ​most outdoor cycling shoes feature thicker layers and protective materials. This actually help to keep your feet safe in case of incidents.

​While you cycle outside, ​you are exposed to the fresh air so the shoes don’t feel too hot.

But in case of indoor, even if you do for 30 minutes, ​you will feel more hot and sweaty.

​SPD-SL Shoes and SPD

In plain terms, ​there are two types of spinning pedals and two types of spinning shoes.

So my recommendation is to making sure they are compatible with your exercise bike pedals.

​However, many of the best spinning shoes for women found in this review are compatible with both, the SPD and the SPD-SL shoes.


The cleat is what you attach to the bottom of the spinning shoes. Some ​of them come with the cleats.

So, you don’t need to purchase cleats for spinning separately.

If not, you can buy them separately. We have alreay mentioned if you should buy separately or not under each review.

​Benefits of Using Spin Shoes for Women

Being an women, it’s essential that you know your purpose. The reason we encourage people including women to use spin shoe is not just for fashion but for actual benefits it provides.

​First of , they provide a superior comfortable and stable cycling experience. Using a spin shoe, you have more concentration to finish your game. Here are some of the benefits I would like to share-

1. More focus power.

2. Powerful pedal strokes.

3. Better power transfer

4. They are more safer.


​Can you use any spin shoes on a peloton?

​No. You can not use spin shoes on a peloton. You need a different shoe in order to perform.

​Do you need special shoes for spin class?

You will get the most benefits using a spin shoe instead of wearing a regular shoe.

​Can you use mountain bike shoes for spinning?

​I strongly recommend using spin shoes for spinning. ​There are shoes specifically made for mountain biking.

​My Conclusion

Among all these top-notched cycling spinning shoes for women, the Tommaso Terra 100 is a complete stand-out & one of the best women’s spin shoes in my opinion.

For one, the rugged quality of the Tommaso Terra doesn’t compromise comfort in any way whatsoever.

The foamed interior of the shoe feels firm but soft enough for those days where you just want to casually ride your bicycle because you aren’t late for your commute.

Even the strap system has been given much thought as you’ll find that the three-strap Velcro is positioned in a way that avoids sensitive points of your foot. We found the fit to be great as well.

If you like to ride with cleats, it has got two-bolt style cleats underneath.

Plus, being Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) compatible makes it even more versatile.

We found that it could work with major brands, too.

Another aspect that we liked the most about the Tommaso Terra 100 it is a multi-purpose high-performance cycling shoe that’s very comfortable and affordable than other best spin shoes mentioned here.

The Tommaso Terra 100 also has removable climbing spikes. Now if you like hitting muddy terrain every now and then, you’ll find these to be wonderful for that extra traction that you need to get through.

On the other hand, you can easily detach them if you’re on the road or on the track.

Or you can simply stay indoors and enjoy a good work out on your spin bike.

Years before, women-specific shoes were hard to come by, and now most cycling brands are coming out with a lot of variety of design-for-women spinning cycling shoes because of the surge in popularity of indoor cycling as a fitness and weight loss activity.

Still, not all spinning shoes are created equal, some are not even that durable or comfortable.

But we tried our beest to provide you the necessary information and help you to find the best women’s spin shoes.

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