Best Comfort Bikes Reviews 2018 : [ Our Top Pick & Buyers Guide ]

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​Driven by growing pollution, unbearable traffic jams, rising fuel costs, and increased health awareness, more and more people are taking up cycling to commute to an office, for their weekly shopping or for just a couple of laps around the block.

To serve this growing demand, a number of old and new cycle makers have been launching some terrific machines in the market.

It can be difficult sometimes to choose one from the variety on offer, and we are here to make your job a little easier by bringing to you our picks from the comfort bike category – cycles that are meant for general city use.

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​Our ​Top Comfort Bike Reviews

1. ​Diamondback Wildwood Classic


​Diamondback is one of America’s biggest bicycle brands, which also exports its cycles to many other countries. It was founded as a BMX brand in 1977, and that pedigree shows even in their city bikes that are meant for more sedate riding conditions. The Wild wood Classic is the brand’s most popular comfort bike and is designed to be powerful, comfortable and customizable.


​Features :​​​​​

  • ​Gear​ Speeds: 21
  • ​Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • ​Fork: Suspension
  • ​Wheel height: 26”
  • ​Tires: 1.95”

​The cycle’s aluminum alloy frame feels heavier than most other comfort bikes in this price range, mainly because of the shocks.

This is not a problem though if you are using it rides that are 20-25 miles or less on level roads. One of the top benefits of getting this cycle is that it ships about 85% per-assembled, with some minor assembly required after unpacking.

Quality of frame welds and durability of parts have been praised in most user reviews, which is commendable given its price range.

Easy shifting, adjustable handlebar, wide secure tires and an efficient braking system – the cycle seems to have everything you would need for a comfortable jaunt for even an inexperienced rider.

The heavily padded saddle, unfortunately, seems to be a bug for many users and has been replaced much too often.


  • ​Good quality parts
  • ​Easy assembly
  • ​Adjustable handlebar
  • ​Overall comfort


  • ​Heavy frame
  • ​Uncomfortable saddle

2. ​Vilano C1 Shimano


Vilano might not have the same pedigree as Schwinn, but the brand has more than proven its mettle by providing well-loved cycles in different segments of the market.

The C1 Shimano is one of their more popular offerings, serving as a multi-purpose cycle that can be used for commuting as well as on basic trails.


​Features :​​​​​

  • Gear Speeds: 21
  • Frame: Hi-Ten Steel
  • Fork: Suspension
  • Wheel height: 26”
  • Tires: 1.75”

The cycle’s heavy duty steel frame can feel a little bulky, especially if you are used to more modern varieties.

But this frame also provides the cycle with its own sturdiness, without taking away from the comfort. The 21-speed trigger shifters with front and rear derailleurs are perfect for smoothness in changing gear while riding.

The large multi-tread tires provide a good grip on the road and can be extra useful in wet or snowy conditions.

The large pedals, the cushioned saddle, the alloy V-brakes and the adjustable handlebar are some of its other useful features.

The cycle requires assembly, so beware if you are not comfortable doing it on your own or do not want to shell out extra bucks to get someone else to do it.

While most users seem to be happy with their C1s, a few have reported issues with individual parts – chains start skipping, gears tend to clatter, pedals have fallen off while riding – and the after-sales service is virtually non-existent.


  • ​Large pedals
  • ​Adjustable handlebar
  • ​Secure tires


  • ​Poor quality of parts, with no replacement or after-sales service

​3. ​Schwinn Men’s Suburban Deluxe


​With a cycle-making history of over 120 years, Schwinn is an American company with a German precision pedigree. The Schwinn Men’s Suburban Deluxe is one of the more popular machines in the company’s stable, combining strength, great looks and a comfortable riding experience in a package that offers true value for your money.


​Features :​​​​​

  • ​Gear Speeds: 21
  • ​Frame: Aluminum
  • ​Fork: Suspension
  • ​Wheel height: 26”
  • ​Tires: 1.95”

The cycle sticks to a more traditional aluminum alloy frame when you find carbon-fiber and even titanium being used these days.

But it is lightweight enough to keep the riding experience comfortable. The perfect upright riding position is helped by the adjustable handlebar.

The front suspension fork keeps the ride smooth, while the 21-speed twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur make the gear changing seamlessly.

The cycle’s set of features are wrapped up by a secure braking system, a comfortable saddle, and ergonomic grips.

The welding could be smoother. The cycle also comes without fenders, which can be a pain point if you are on a wet road.

While the assembly is reported to be smooth, you need to be comfortable with working with tools to get it done. And you might still need a helper to put some parts together.


  • ​Adjustable handlebar
  • ​Effective brakes
  • ​Comfortable riding experience


  • ​Poor welding
  • ​No fenders

Based on these criteria and overall comfort, our pick from the three cycles we have covered is the Diamondback Wildwood Classic.

It is not just a slightly more comfortable bicycle overall (which is a result of minor improvements here and there), but also scores in the quality of parts and ease of assembly.

Its features make it perfect for not just riding in heavy traffic in the city, but you will love it enough to spend your evenings and weekends on it too.

There is really not much to choose between the Schwinn Men’s Suburban Deluxe and the Vilano C1 on paper or based on the performance we have seen, but simply based on the reviews from existing users, we are registering our concern regarding the latter’s parts and bending a tad in the former’s favor.

How To Adjust It?

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