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​Looking for the best comfort bikes available online in 2019 ?

You just landed at the right place.

​As you know, ​​comfort bicycles are convenient and easy to ride which adds up to the ultimate biking experience.

But to be honest, it's a little time consuming task to find a bike that will give you proper satisfaction you are looking after. This guide will help you to find the ​most comfortable bike whether you are a man, women or a senior person.

Trust me, i have been there. Tried different bikes, but never satisfied at all.

This article is a result of testing, trying & watching countless hours of ​videos, asking a lot of questions to people, going to different bike stores & what not.

The goal of this article is to show you the top rated easy to use good comfort bike you can buy right now.

​I have divided the article into two parts. One is for men and the other one is for women​. Feel free to browse however you like.

So, Let's jump right into it:

Comparison Chart & Our Ratings

Solid Option For Female Sixthreezero EVRYjourney
  • Comes with a built-in rear rack
  • Multiple gear varieties
  • 10 Different colors
  • A Super Comfortbale cycle for female
  • Comfortable seat for a long tour
Best For Male Schwinn Suburban
  • Solid option for men
  • Perfect for long journey
  • Effective brakes
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Super easy to assemble
Best Option For Senior Schwinn Discover
  • A Perfect match for senior people
  • Lightweight
  • Swept-back upright handlebars
  • Best for long rides
Budget Friendly Vilano Diverse 3.0
  • Larger pedals
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Decent tires

​Best Comfort Bikes Reviews ​​2019

1Schwinn Men’s Deluxe Comfort Bike​Check Price On Amazon
2Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Comfort BikeCheck Price On Amazon
3​​Schwinn Discover 700 C BikeCheck Price On Amazon
4Vilano Diverse 3.0 Comfort BikeCheck Price On Amazon
5Diamondback WildwoodCheck Price On Amazon

Note: The following list is not in any specific order. We recommend to see the table above for details specification.

1. ​Diamondback Wildwood Classic

​​It is one of the best comfort bikes available on the market today​. Diamondback which is one of America’s biggest bicycle brands, exports its cycles to many other countries. It was founded as a BMX brand in 1977, and that pedigree shows up even in their city bikes that are meant for more sedate riding conditions. The Wildwood Classic is the brand’s most popular comfort bike and is designed to be powerful, comfortable, and customizable.

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​Gear​ Speeds: 21
  • ​Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • ​Fork: Suspension
  • ​Wheel height: 26”
  • ​Tires: 1.95”

​The cycle’s aluminum alloy frame feels heavier than most other comfort bikes in this price range, mainly because of the shocks.

This is not a problem though, if you are using it on rides that are 20-25 miles or less on level roads. One of the top benefits of getting this cycle is that it ships about 85% pre-assembled, with only some minor assembly required after unpacking.

The quality frame welds and durability of parts have been praised in most user reviews, which is commendable given its price range.

Easy shifting, adjustable handlebar, wide secure tires and an efficient braking system – this cycle seems to have everything that even an inexperienced rider needs for a comfortable spin.

The heavily padded saddle, unfortunately, seems to bug many users and usually gets replaced way too often.


  • ​Good quality parts
  • ​Easy assembly
  • ​Adjustable handlebar
  • ​Overall comfort


  • ​Heavy frame
  • ​Uncomfortable saddle
Update : ​Above item is out of stock from major E-com Site. See the ​table above for our latest recommendation

2. ​Vilano C1 Shimano - Budget/Money Friendly

​This product is the 2nd item on our best comfort bike list. Vilano might not have the same pedigree as Schwinn, but the brand has more than proven its mettle by providing well-loved cycles in different segments of the market.

The C1 Shimano, [ Now known as ( Now Known As Diverse 3.0
one of Vilano’s more popular offerings, serves as a multi-purpose cycle that can be used for commuting as well as for basic trail riding. The one thing ​I like ​is that it is - affordable/budget friendly.

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​Gear Speeds: 21
  • ​Frame: Hi-Ten Steel
  • ​Fork: Suspension
  • ​Wheel height: 26”
  • ​Tires: 1.75”

The cycle’s heavy duty steel frame can feel a little bulky, especially if you are used to more modern varieties.

But this frame also provides the cycle with its own sturdiness, without taking away from the comfort. ​The 21-speed trigger shifters with front and rear derailleurs are perfect for changing gears smoothly while riding.

The large multi-tread tires hug the road which can be extra useful in wet or snowy conditions.

The large pedals, the cushioned saddle, the alloy V-brakes and the adjustable handlebar are some of its other useful features.

The cycle requires assembly, so beware if you are not comfortable doing it on your own or do not want to shell out extra bucks to get someone else to do it.

While most users seem to be happy with their C1s, a few have reported issues with individual parts and service – chains could start skipping, gears tend to clatter, pedals have fallen off while riding, and the after-sales service is virtually non-existent.


  • ​Large pedals
  • ​Adjustable handlebar
  • ​Secure tires


  • ​Poor quality of parts, with no replacement or after-sales service

​3. ​Schwinn Men’s Suburban Deluxe - ​

[ Best For Men ​]

With a cycle-making history of over 120 years, Schwinn is an American company with German precision and pedigree. The Schwinn comfort Men’s Suburban Deluxe is one of the most popular machines in the company’s line up, combining strength, great looks, and a comfortable riding experience in a package that offers true value for your money.

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​Gear Speeds: 21
  • ​Frame: Aluminum
  • ​Fork: Suspension
  • ​Wheel height: 26”
  • ​Tires: 1.95”

We are finding carbon-fiber and even titanium being used for frames these days, but this more traditional aluminum cycle sticks to an aluminum alloy frame.

But it is lightweight enough to keep the riding experience comfortable. Also,​ the adjustable handlebar help you find the perfect upright riding position.

The front suspension fork keeps the ride smooth, while the 21-speed twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur make the gear changing seamless.

This cycle’s great features are topped off with a secure braking system, a comfortable saddle, and ergonomic grips.

The welding could be smoother; and the cycle also doesn’t have any fenders, which could be a draw back if you are on a wet road.

Reportedly, the assembly is pretty smooth, but you need to be comfortable working with tools to get it done. Keep in mind you might need a helper to put some parts together.


  • ​Adjustable handlebar
  • ​Effective brakes
  • ​Comfortable riding experience


  • ​Poor welding
  • ​No fenders
Update : ​There's a new & improved model available. Check here

​4. ​​Schwinn Discover (For Men)

The perfect Hybrid comfort bike option for men, made by the trusted Schwinn brand

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​Aluminum frame that is durable.
  • ​Features a specially-designed sports seat.
  • ​​Comes with a built-in rack
  • ​Unique suspension fork with an allow crank.

The Schwinn Discover comfort bike has been designed especially for men. It features an aluminum frame with a dual-density design. ​

A sports seat makes sitting comfortable, while the rack provides storage for water bottles and more. The 21-speed gear system provides easy shifting from the first gear to the last gear.

​The Good

I really liked the overall framework of the bike, including the design.

The grip shifter with the included rear derailleur provided me with an easy way to shift gears and be in total control of my bike.

The bike features a Promax pull brake system, made from alloy, which made me feel safer, knowing that braking in an emergency would never be a problem.

The product also comes with, what Schwinn claims to be, a lifetime warranty – giving me protection for as long as I own the bike.

​The Bad

I really did not enjoy piecing this bike together.

The instructions that came with the box were unclear, and I had a difficult time getting everything to fit and work perfectly on the first go.

The tires also seemed to be low quality, as well as extremely thin – which is kind of uncommon for a comfort bike.


  • ​Features an aluminum, high-quality and durable frame for a longer lifespan.
  • ​Special suspension fork makes riding more comfortable.
  • ​The 4-finger brake system makes braking safer and easier.


  • ​Takes a long time to put the bike together.
  • ​​Inner tire tubes seem to “pop” very quickly, requiring a replacement to continue using the bike.
  • ​Adjustment options for handlebars are restricted.

​Best Comfort Bikes For Women

​1. ​​Sixthreezero EVRYjourney - [ Ladies leisure Friendly ]

This “old-school” style from the Sixthreezero brand is perfect for those looking to combine quality and style.

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​It comes with different speed options.
  • ​​10 different available colors ensure that every client’s style preference is met.
  • ​​The 17.5-inch aluminum frame makes this a comfortable, durable ride.
  • ​Handbrakes located on the front and the back of the bike.

The classic, vintage look of this bike is what makes it so unique. The bike comes with a 26-inch aluminum frame.

​This makes the bike durable and heavy-duty. Multiple colors allow every single customer to find a color that suits them.

​The saddle has been designed to provide the user with a comfortable riding experience.

​The Good

​This comfort bike comes with a wide range of features like the vintage design to the high-quality framework that make it an ideal choice for many riders.

The bike is available in many different gear options.

I enjoyed the seven-gear option. ​ Gears are available with up to 21 gears total, which provides a greater experience for more experienced riders.

​The Bad

​Even though most of my comments about the bike are positive, I did find the assembly of the bike extremely disappointing.

I spent several hours setting it up, just to realize that all the smaller parts (nuts, screws, etc.) were either not included or missing.


  • ​The seat and handle positions make it comfortable to sit on the bike.
  • ​Multiple gear varieties are available to support the preferences of every shopper.
  • ​​The powerful brake system makes it a safer option.
  • ​​It comes with a built-in rear rack.


  • ​​The customer service center is non-responsive to customer messages.

​2. ​​Schwinn Discover 700C - [ Lightweight & Suitable for long rides/distance - Perfect For Seniors]

​It’s a powerful option for women, created by Schwinn, and top-rated in the world of bicycles.

​Features :​​​​​

  • ​​The special type of suspension fork for a comfortable experience
  • ​21-speed grip shifters gear system
  • ​​High-quality brakes for safer riding
  • ​Read derailleur from Shimano.

​It’s a great way for women to get around town and even spend time with the kids.

This comfort bike features 21 gears with a specially-designed gear shifting system that makes going from gear one to gear 21 a breeze.

​The bike has an aluminum frame with a special Schwinn alloy crank and suspension fork. The rear derailleur has been designed by Shimano for better overall performance.

​The Good

​One of the good features on this bike, is its durable framework that has been designed to last and withstand even rough weather conditions.

​Another nice part is that the seat has been made to provide a more comfortable riding experience. Also, the adjustable handlebars have been developed for the rider to have an upright position.

​The Bad

Assembly of this bike was nearly impossible for me, which is certainly a big no-no when it comes to buying one of these comfort bikes.

​Instead of doing it myself, I eventually had to get the help of a pro – which cost me extra money. Even though it had been promoted as having a full aluminum framework, some important parts of the frame are made out of plastic.

​In general the brakes on this bike also seemed problematic.


  • ​The ​framework is made from aluminum for maximum performance.
  • ​​It is a lightweight bike that is easy to get around with.
  • ​​A large number of gears give a more precise level of control.


  • ​​It only comes in a one-speed setting, which can be limiting for some people.

What ​​Is A comfort ​Bike?

​Choosing the right bike is imperative for any cycling experience; and to those who are terrified of high tech gear and expensive bikes, the choice of comfort bikes is a great option.

A comfort bike is a more comfortable variant of a mountain bike, built essentially for leisure, casual riding, and short distances on paths or paved roads that have a flat terrain.

They are not high-performance bikes, so they can be only be used for family errands, rides around town and family outings.

This also means that they aren’t meant for heavy off road or mountain biking since they are not as light or capable as bikes made specifically for these activities.

​The global bicycle market is expected to reach an estimated $34,9 billion by 2022. According to the National Bicycle Dealers Association, in the year 2017, comfort bike sales reached 15%, and the sector has a promising future growth.

In the next eight years, a composite annual growth rate (CAGR) of close to 4% is predicted. Factors like a healthier lifestyle, the environment, mobility reasons, global warming, as well as the exhaustion of natural resources, will be the driving force for growth.

Benefits Of Comfort Bikes

Comfort bikes come with wider tires and bigger threads. The high air volume in these tires provides a smooth, comfortable ride that weakens the effect of small rocks and potholes. ​These bikes are also typically equipped with a suspension system on the front fork and on the saddle or seat post to absorb and reduce shock.

The suspension in the front and rear of the bike is what makes the ride so cozy, even though it comes in many machine driven forms.

​Moreover, saddles have a thick cushion of gel or foam. The handlebars are positioned higher for a more upright ride which helps relax the back.

​The stability of comfort bikes is great, and the thicker frames are more aesthetically appealing due to their stylized appearance. Chain maintenance is not an issue since most of the times it’s the cased in an internal hub.

​These hybrid offshoots offer superior and quality comfort to smoothly roll around the streets and the neighborhood.

The brakes are another area that have been given more attention. The brakes work consistently, even when wet; and the brake pads last longer than standard brakes.

Interestingly enough the gear range on most comfort bikes is huge! Irrespective of how many specific gears a bike has, the lowest gear will allow you to climb hills with ease and to cruise as fast as you want going down.

The frames are stretched so that the pedals are positioned a bit forward, permitting the seat to be somewhat lower. This affords riders an ability to place their feet flat on the ground when they come to a stop.

Finally, seats are important and are perhaps the main reason a person may enjoy or not enjoy a ride. There is a vast array of seats to pick from.  Whether you want skinny or wide, thin or thick, lightweight or a couch like, the choice is yours.

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​What should you consider before buying a comfort bike:

​When looking to buy a comfort bike, there are some important features to look for, as well as some specifications that need to be compared. Even if two of these bikes look almost exactly the same, their features – such as what they are made of and how they were made – may be completely different from each other.

Here are couple of things to note:


​Many people don’t want to bother looking at what type of material a comfort bike’s frame is made of, but this should be an important decision-making factor. There are some types of materials that offer more durable performance. The majority of frames on the market today tend to be made from aluminum or steel. Some additional options are also made from carbon fiber.


Another important feature to look at is the comfort bike’s gears. They often come in many different options. Modern comfort bikes tend to offer quite a significant gear range, but don’t let this intimidate you. Recent designs make it incredibly easy to shift from one gear to another. Still, consider how the gears work, where the gears are situated and how you switch from gear-to-gear.

The Seat:

​This one should really be quite obvious – you will spend all your time sitting on the seat, after all. Make sure the bike seat you are interested in can provide adequate support during an extended ride. There are a lot of different seating options available, so you will have to determine what you prefer before shopping for a comfort bike.


​The brakes might just be one of the most important parts of the bike – you do not want to find yourself going downhill without working brakes.

There are two main types of brake systems in comfort bikes today, disc brakes and the older rim brake option.

Consider which will suit you best. For example, disc brakes perform much better than rim brakes in rainy situations but also tend to cost more.

You also want something with linear pull brakes as it helps you to stop the cycle whenever you want. The bicycles mentioned in this article are mostly up to date with this feature as well.


​Suspension is ​yet another important factor that has a significant impact on how comfortable of a ride you will have. There are different types of suspension systems used, but most of them will share certain characteristics that make them easily recognizable. You should find a suspension fork on the front of the bike, a spring-suspension at the bottom of the seat, and a rear suspension. Suspension seat posts are also usually found in comfort bikes.

​Little things you need to know:

​While we looked at some important buying factors to consider, we would like to turn our focus to an interesting side note. Let’s look at some facts that you may not have known about comfort bikes:

  • ​​The lowest gear on a comfort bike is usually adequate for both uphill and downhill riding. You can move up a hill with ease, and speed down a hill at your own preferred speed – no problem.
  • ​Comfort bikes are often confused with Hybrid bicycle because they share so many similarities. A closer look reveals a generally smaller diameter, along with tires that are usually wider than a Hybrid’s.
  • ​Some comfort bikes come in carbon fiber options, where several parts of the bike are made from this particular material. Even though they are more expensive than the alternatives, they have a better rate of shock absorption.
  • ​​Disc brakes found on some of the higher-end comfort bikes share a similar design to the brake systems of cars and motorcycles.
  • ​If the seat that comes with your comfort bike is not comfortable for you, it can be easily removed and replaced with a better seat – they were made to be easily changeable.
  • ​​The handlebars of most comfort bikes are adjustable to the sides, as well as up and down, to ensure you achieve the best position for your experience.

​Final Verdict

​All right! There you have it. Our best comfort bike list, tested by me personally. Based on the criteria and overall comfort, our top pick from the three cycles we have covered is the Diamondback Wildwood Classic. It's one of the most comfortable bicycles to ride.

Update : ( ​For male ) I am recommending this one​. It's the new and improved version of a previous model. and much better than wildwood. Please see the table ( at the very beginning ) for most up to date information.

It is not just a slightly more comfortable bicycle overall (which is a result of minor improvements here and there), but it also scores well in the quality of parts and ease of assembly.

​Its features make it perfect, for not just riding in heavy traffic in the city, but you will also love it enough to spend your evenings and weekends on it too.

There is really not much difference between the Schwinn comfort Men’s Suburban Deluxe and the Vilano C1 when you look at it on paper or base your choice on the performance we have seen. However, simply based on the reviews from existing users, we are registering our concern regarding the Vilano C1’s parts and leaninging a tad in the favor of the Deluxe.

How To Adjust It?

​Generally, you should not encounter any problem while riding a comfort bike, but you may want to adjust it to suit your preference. So we have put together a nice article to show you
how to adjust it.

​Also,​ take a look at the video for more information :

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