Diamondback Bikes: Reviews, History & Buying Advice

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If you are looking for the ultimate guide on Diamondback bikes reviews, then you just picked the perfect spot here.

There are hundreds of bike brands out there and Diamondback is one of those brands whose popularity is growing massively from the past couple of years.

​After playing with a couple of their bikes, I just felt that I should go and write my honest feelings about it.

Below you’ll find the results of trying and testing more than five of their bikes.

​Not only that, we will go super in-depth with their warranty and components, assembly and all the other nitty-gritty details that you really care about. If you complete this Diamondback Bikes Reviews guide, you would get a pretty good idea why it’s one of the most well known bike brands out there.

Diamondback is to the bike industry what New York is to America. Whenever bicycles are mentioned and discussed, it is impossible to not point out Diamondback and its humongous contribution to manufacturing the best quality bikes ever found.

​The Diamondback is a known and well-established brand of bicycles. It is known for creating masterpieces at surprisingly affordable prices. People know and appreciate their work from all over the globe.

The winning point is that Diamondback has bikes for all kinds of people, they look out for everyone.

For them, bicycling is a fun experience everyone should get a chance to enjoy once in life, which is why they have a little something (expert bike) for men, women, kids, professionals, amateurs etc.

Their motto has always been to spread happiness and encourage people to perform healthy activities like cycling.

Surprisingly, many people have been found to perform cycling and adapt to the healthy routine after trying out Diamondback comfortable bikes.

The brand Diamondback is referred to as the pioneer of premier-quality bikes as they went an extra mile to create affordable yet sturdy bikes that became available to all.

The vast number of the customers not only prefer Diamondback for their stylish, solid bikes but also for their reliable service throughout.

They are known to be customer-friendly and understanding even during the purchase and even after when rarely a problem is encountered by a customer.

Diamondback bikes are sturdy, durable, easy-to-use, and highly versatile because the manufacturing is of expert level.

The huge number of customers who love the brand is living proof of the efficiency and ability of the Diamondback.

History of ​Diamondback

The first glimpse of the existence of the Diamondback dates back to 1977. The first foundation was laid in Washington from where all the roots grew steadily. Initially, they were known to make only the BMX bikes for famous and popular personalities.

However, gradually, they expanded their work and launched their first mountain bike called as Ridge Runner. This introduction of a mountain bike to the world lead to changes in the people’s lives and their love for cycling.

From then onward, innovative minds of theexperts at the Diamondback led to the launching of one model after the other,creating a massive line of quality bikes we see now.

Their continuous work spoke volumes in the industry which led to winning of multiple awards and accolades such as US men’s national XC championships and Atlanta Olympics women’s XC.

The impressive milestones achieved by the Diamondback one after the other has been their course of work since their foundation.

They have not experienced a failure, a laidback response, or any sort of negative publicity because of their pure dedication and true values for providing the best service to the people no matter how high the name soars.

As of now, there are many categories of bikes while choosing from a Diamondback store. The different models and their different specifications keep the people hooked because every new model launched is only better from the previous one.

​To be frank, keep reading this Diamondback Bikes Reviews & I am sure you will uncover some really cool stuff.

Types of Bikes Diamondback Produce

The different types of bikes created by the Diamondback are according to their function and level of technicality. They cater to every kind of person as the brand has successfully managed to launch all kinds of bikes for women, men, and kids.

I will try my best to cover everything in this ​Diamondback Bikes Reviews guide. They are as follows:

​Mountain Bikes

These are specially designed to endure the rugged and roughest of the lands of the mountain trails along with steep inclines and declines.


The bike has special features such as broad tires, wheels, straight handlebar, and super-absorbent shocks to facilitate the bumpy trails and steep slopes of the mountains. The sub-categories of the mountain bikes at Diamondback involve:

  1. ​Trail
  2. All-mountain
  3. Women
  4. Kids

Road Bikes

​These are comparatively less technical due to their function. They are made to be ridden on smooth, paved roads for adventures, professional purposes. You can also check our road bikes under $300 guide for more info.

diamondback CenturySport

These bikes have ability to achieve faster speeds in contrast to the mountain bikes. People who take part in races are also users of this model. The sub-classes are:

  1. ​Endurance
  2. Competition
  3. Performance Hybrid
  4. Adventure and Travel
  5. Triathlon

City Bikes

City bikes are the easier versions of the bikes. People who like to ride the bike for carrying out daily errands or just survey the town while riding should consider this category.

These bikes have standard specifications to create a basic version of the bicycle for everyday use. The subcategories are:

  1. ​Commuter
  2. Dual Sport
  3. Comfort

Women’s Bikes

​The purpose of these bikes is obvious by the name. However, women got special attention and consideration by the Diamondback because usually, apart from professional racers and cyclists, women don’t need much technicalities in their vehicles.

The bikes are made comfortable and high-performance to be able to be used daily by the women. The sub classes involve:

  • ​Mountain
  • Road
  • City

Kid’s Bikes

for kids

​Kids should be encouraged to ride bikes as much as possible. Riding a cycle has known to be very important and extremely beneficial for their growth and fitness.

The growing statures of the kids need daily physical activity for performing better, and what better physical activity there is than cycling? The sub classes are:

  • ​Mountain
  • Road
  • City
  • BMX
  • Sidewalk

Sizes Chart of ​Diamondback ​Bicycle

size chart - a great way to pick your diamondback cycle

Size of the bike is very important and crucial in determining the level of comfort of the rider during the ride. Cycling is not meant to be a tiresome activity, gone are the days when it used to be hectic and a burden.

Diamondback has some of the most comfortable bikes to ever be used. However, even the easiest and most comfortable bike can be a nuisance for you if the size of the bike is not meant for you.

If the size is too big or small for your body, then all the guarantees will go down the drain and all you will be left with is a stiff back and sore behind.

The guide to different sizes of the bikes offered by the Diamond is to accommodate all types of questions and which model to buy.

Diamondback has 3-5 different sizes for every model so that people can choose the size according to their body height.

So, there are different methods which determine the size of your bike. They are:

​Size Chart issued by the Brand according to the rider’s height

This chart has various sizes of one model suitable for differentheights of the users. The ratio is between the bike’s size and rider’s heightsuch as

  • ​13-15 inches bike for 4’11 to 5’3 riders
  • 15-17 inches bike for 5’3 to 5’7 riders
  • 17-19 inches bike for 5’7 to 5’11 riders
  • 19-21 inches bike for 6’0 to 6’2 riders
  • 21-23 inches bike for 6’2 to 6’4 riders
  • 23+ inches bike for 6’4+ riders

Calculate your own bike size according to measurements

If you’re not satisfied by the measurements given by the brand itself or if you still can’t find the right fit after considering your height. Try out this method.

Measure your height from the ground to your crotch while standing barefoot and with feet 6’ to 8’ inches apart.

Decide which bike you want to buy such as mountain, city, or a road bike.

Now get to the calculation.

Mountain bike: leg inseam (cm) x 0.66= bike’s frame size

City bike: leg inseam (cm) x 0.685 = bike’s frame size

Road bike: leg inseam (cm) x 0.70 = bike’s frame size

​Ready-made size charts

There are ready-made charts which depict the bike frame size according to the rider’s height and leg inseam. These size charts are different for mountain, city, and road bikes.

​If you are more curious, you can take a look at our mega guide on bike size chart here.

Brand Warranty

Are you enjoying this Diamondback Bikes Reviews buyer’s guide? I hope you are.

So, now let’s get into the fun stuff.

Apart from known to create superior-quality bikes, Diamondback is also appreciated for having amazing warranty system.

The warranties issued on the bikes is another positive point when people buy the bikes. The lifetime frame warranty is extremely useful, convenient, and encouraging for the riders. Moreover, some of the warranties are as follows:

warranty of DB Cycle

  • 5-year on full suspension mountain bike
  • 1-year on components of the bike
  • 1-year warranty on the diamondback branded forks
  • 1-year on the Diamondback branded accessories

However, the rider will be at a loss if the damage is done is due to negligence and rash driving. The damages will be endured by the Diamondback only if the defect is due to manufacturing fault.

Also, damages done by mechanical wear and tear, abuse, and neglect are not covered by the brand’s warranty. All such damages and mishaps are to be paid and repaired by the rider itself.

However, it is seen and depicted that warranty issues are highly unlikely to happen. People usually don’t claim warranties due to tough and reliable frames with high-performance.

The dependable service offered by the brand is enough for the users to buy the bike with closed eyes.

How to Maintain Your Diamondback Bike : ​​Tips & Tricks

how to maintain your DB Bike

​As you can already take a guess that this Diamondback Bikes Reviews guide is not only about showing the best one but also how you can maintain it for a long lasting time.

Well, maintenance is the key to durability. Ever heard how ancestors pass on bikes to their descendants through multiple generations.

They are able to do so because of high maintenance and proper look after. Even the best quality bike can be damaged and will leave you in the long-run if you don’t take care of it enough.

The daily use and minor accidents are not the cause of the declining condition of the bike, but poor maintenance and constant negligence are.

Every type of machine needs maintenance and thorough care. So, try and maintain the Diamondback bike even if it claims to be one of the most-sought-after equipment.

Do your inspection every once-in-a-while for picking out the problem before it really causes any.

Your guide to maintaining the bike might be different every time because people face different problems. Some of the common tips on how to look after the bike and prevent mishaps are:

  • ​Look after the cleanliness of the bike and its parts. Wipe your bike thoroughly every week.
  • Avoid potholes, bumpy roads (if you’re riding city/road bikes) for preventing the bike from a major shock.
  • Apply one drop (not more) of lube in the rollers of the chain for smooth running after cleaning and rinsin
  • Get the air pressure inside the tires of the bike checked frequently for safety reasons as well as preventing flat tires.

Now getting to the where to maintenance part, as most of the Diamondback bikes are ordered online, there is not a specific and special store for Diamondback that does the repair.

However, the stores that have the authority to store Diamondback bikes might be of some help for the repair and maintenance.

Diamondback Bikes Reviews – Assembly Guide

The first and foremost choice and the decision should be to call the people from the Diamondback to assemble the bike for you.

If this is not possible due to some reason, then call Amazon for the assembly. This is recommended due to obvious reasons as they are experts in their work and will do the assembly for you in less time than what you will take.

The last resort should be assembling the bike yourself. For that, the tools required are:

how to assemble your diamondback bike once you purchase it

  • ​4 and 5mm Hex Allen Keys (comes with the bike)
  • Pedal wrench or 6mm Allen (comes with the bike)
  • Grease
  • Tire pump
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Shock pump (arrives in the package)

The tools mentioned above are absolutely necessary and required, you might need additional tools according to the level of your knowledge and experience in assembling bikes. Here is an explainer video that you can watch:

​Now, after sorting out the tools, read the manual and assembly guide more than once with concentration.

Refer to the video on the Diamondback website for clearing out any confusions before the process. The straightforward steps are:

  • ​Attach handlebar
  • Attach seat post
  • Secure the front wheel
  • Install the pedals
  • Adjust the gear

After successfully putting together, inspect the bike for any noticeable defect or deficiency before riding.

Then inflate the tires to proper and recommended air pressure, adjust the seat’s height and handlebar according to your comfort and maximum performance level.

Also, there are ready-made bicycles available at the Diamondback. Only seat, front wheels, and the pedals need to be attached and installed and the bike is ready to glide through easily.

Diamondback Bikes Reviews Guide – Conclusion

​Pheww.. That’s a bit of long is not it? As you can see in this Diamondback Bikes Reviews guide, they mostly prefer to sell online and it’s reasonable. They can reach to more people by just selling stuff online. But that does not mean they sell unworthy products. They have built a reputation that they most care of and I am proud to say that, I am a DB bike user.

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