Best Men’s Mountain Bike Under $500

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Mountain biking is a challenging and admirable sport that requires a specific type of bike to be able to handle its tough terrain, sharp turns, and quick pace. That being said, mountain bikes are generally expensive due to the necessities they require to ensure a safe and fun trip down or up a mountain. It’s common knowledge that the more you spend, the better the quality, but these bikes seem to challenge that.

This guide will cover the top three options for the best men’s mountain bike under $500. If you’re on a budget, a beginner to the sport, or don’t want to spend the money, these mountain bikes are the best suitable options for you. Doing what you love can be expensive, so let’s look at the cheaper options men have in store that still give them a fun experience.

Comparison Chart

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Hiland Mountain Bike
71kkOrqBTdL. AC SL1500
Vilano Blackjack 3.0
81NSMI7pFLL. AC SL1500
Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Best for Beginners: Hiland Mountain Bike

71Zld+PRKXL. AC SL1500

The Hiland Mountain Bike is not only the best designed on our list with an assortment of colors and styles to choose from, but it is also an excellent bike for new riders. Its stable high-tech frame makes riding or performing tricks while getting some air-time off slopes in all kinds of terrains feel simple and safe. It also comes with more than two-thirds assembled, so there’s little confusion in putting together your first bike.

The bicycle has 21 speeds, allowing you to alter your ride to uphill, downhill, and bumpy trails. The Hiland is also offered in three spokes, six spokes, and multiple spokes. This leaves the decision up to you as far as what you want with your mountain bike. Fewer spokes means less wind resistance for jumps and tricks, but if you’re a beginner, more spokes might serve best for you until you’ve built your knowledge and confidence up.

Unfortunately, this bike isn’t perfect in every aspect. Mountain bikes tend to be expensive for a reason, so while these cheaper ones are exceptional for their price, you will still run into some issues.

The Hiland’s aluminum bike frame can have a harsh ride quality and dent easily, so you may end up replacing your bike sooner than you would with a higher-end model. It still provides a decent ride, though, and will last a while as long as you aren’t too rough with it.


  • Offered in multiple colors
  • Different spokes
  • 21 speeds


  • Aluminum bike frame

Best for a Smooth Ride: Vilano Blackjack 3.0

71kkOrqBTdL. AC SL1500

Not every decent mountain bike is going to come from an expensive, overpriced, and fancy bicycle website. The Vilano Blackjack can be found at an incredibly reasonable price for all it has to offer.

This mountain bike has a hand-built alloy hardtail frame that holds strong when going up or down mountain trails, front and rear disc brakes for sudden stopping, and 24 speed levels to adjust to your comfort level whether you want to take it slow as a beginner or fly over large obstacles as an expert.

The Vilano also has Shimano shifters, which is a well-known brand known for its trustworthy bike parts. It provides quick, smooth, and on-point shifting for sudden turns or easy mid-air twists. It’s a smart choice for riders who like to make a lot of sharp turns or frequently go on winding trails that require expert steering.

The bikes on the list are priced low for some reasons, however. One reason for this bike is that the brakes are mechanical, which means they get dirty quickly and can mess up the system over time, although mechanical brakes are also said to be the easier ones to maintain.


  • 24 speeds
  • Hand-built alloy hardtail frame
  • Shimano shifters


  • Mechanical brakes

Best for Stability: Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

81NSMI7pFLL. AC SL1500

Not only is the Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike under $500 like the other bikes on this list, but it surpasses the stability of them all.

The 18-inch steel frame and alloy handlebars are strong and durable. It comes in four different colors, Black Matte, Silver/Black, Silver/Yellow, and Tan, which are very mature and neutral tones. There are seven speeds on this bike, and a rear derailleur, which switches the gears, but the lack of speed level is made up for in other aspects, for example, the tires.

The massive four-inch width tires drive over rocks and gravel as though it were smooth cement. It’s rideable in all kinds of weather, even snow, all year-round. They keep you in control on the trail, which is the most crucial part, covering up for the lack of speed because the tires let you go fast while feeling secure.

They are big, but be careful not to put too much air in them. Keep it consistent, or you’ll pop one or both. If you treat the bike right, it’ll treat you right and keep you safe up on that mountain as a beginner or expert.


  • 4-inch width tires
  • Seven speeds
  • Steel and alloy body


  • Easy to put too much air in tires

Buyers Guide

Here are some essential things to keep in mind while searching for a cheap and reliable mountain bike under $500, especially before you decide to purchase one.


While this is a list dedicated to mountain bikes priced under $500, make sure this is the route you want to take. These bikes are exceptional for their price, but if you are wanting higher quality, whether it be by material, brand, or any other reason you may have, then spend the extra money for your dream mountain bike experience. Remember that any additional accessories or upgrades you add to the purchase could send you over budget.

Level of Expertise

Keep in mind this list is for mountain bikes. If you’re in the right spot, then also consider your skills as a biker. If you are a beginner, keep that in mind while looking at these bikes, but if you’re an expert, maybe look for bikes that are more suitable for you and not those just starting their biking experience. This is only a short list of options, and there are more bikes out there if these are not for you.

How Often You Will Ride

This lift of cheaper bikes is perfect for riders that may not be riding as much as they want. Yet, if you’re an avid bicyclist and have a nearby mountain you visit every weekend, perhaps it is wise to spend the extra cash on a pricier bike for a better experience. There is no doubt these bikes can provide that as well, but if you aren’t on a budget or don’t only ride very often, make sure you consider what’s best for you.

Final Verdict

Out of all these excellent bikes at low prices, the Mongoose Malus is the top overall. The four-inch tires make any rider feel safe and indestructible as they soar down a mountain or use the gears to go back up. This is the best men’s mountain bike under $501 on our list based on its strong structure.

The other two models are excellent choices as well, so pick the one that sounds like it will suit your needs best, and you’ll be all set to hit the trails.

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